" Angie Kane, of Church and Snyder, is a value-added partner to CMG Foundation.  She created a research-driven marketing strategy for our organization that is helping us increase our footprint in the Richmond area.  Her innate business acumen allowed her to identify our business drivers and put together a marketing strategy that either she or CMG could execute.  From the first moment I met Angie, I trusted her to deliver the plan, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a well-though-out and comprehensive promotional plan."

- Brenda Booth Lowry,

Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce
Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce
CMG Foundation
CMG Foundation, a mediation nonprofit.
Tricycle Urban Ag
Tricycle, an urban agriculture nonprofit
Powell Law Group
Powell Law Group
SMN Square
SMN Square, business Consultant
Fast Signs, Business Signs
Tulip & Bear
Tulip & Bear Artisanal Candles
Seven Pillars Farm
Seven Pillars Farm
Sandler Training
Sandler Training
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Powell Law Group

Powell Law Group